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iOS: 7/8/2013, Android: 28/1/2014

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In this action-packed strategy game you help Koko Kornelius, the mad and brave monkey to defend the wildlife from vicious tree-cutters. Team up a wide variety of fierce animals and create the ultimate wall of defense!


One of the goals with Lumberwhack has been to combine the best elements from Side-scrolling and Action-Defense games into an own unique experience. It has also been important to make it fun and challenging for both casual and hardcore gamers. Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild was first released on iTunes App Store the 8th August and was featured by Apple as 'New and Noteworthy' and later also featured as a 'sure fire-winner in tower defense games' in several countries. It reached No 1 in free strategy games in Russia and top ten in other major countries during December 2013. Several updates with improvements and additional content have been added since the initial release and they are now all included in the Android version. Lumberwhack for Android was pre-released exclusively on Samsung Apps the 28th January through Chillingo’s and Samsung’s 100% Indie initiative (www.100percentindie.com) and became available on Google Play and Amazon the 8th February.


  • The ultimate strategy and action-defense game, wrapped into one wild package!
  • Choose your own path in over 60 fun and challenging levels.
  • Extraordinary animals and skills. All with there own special abilities.
  • Not your average tree-cutters. Battle gunslingers, parachutes, medics and more.
  • Unlock Survival Mode and compete with your friends for the best time score.
  • Collect over 40 achievements as you advance through the game!
  • Stunning graphic and beautifully animated characters.


Game play trailer YouTube, Vimeo, .mov

Old teaser trailer YouTube, Vimeo

Awards & Recognition

    • ""Featured as a sure fire-winner in Tower Defense Games"" Apple App Store, 10 Nov - 31 Dec, 2013
    • "Rewarded 4 Stars" Touch Arcade, 21 August, 2013
    • "Rewarded 4 Stars" 148Apps, 7 August, 2013
    • "Rewarded 4.5 Stars" iFanzine, 20 September, 2013
    • "Rewarded 9 Score" Indie Sniffer, 4 September, 2013
    • "Rewarded 8+ Score" NoobSource, 7 August, 2013
    • ""Todays App Worth Dowloading"" Appolicious, 22 August, 2013
    • ""Game of the Week nominated"" Touch Arcade Forum, 14 August, 2013
    • ""Featured as New and Noteworthy"" Apple App Store, 7-20 August, 2013

    Selected Articles

      • "Lumberwhack is perfect for quick sessions, long playthroughs, or anything in-between. Although it’s incredibly simple in nature, it’s also one of the most fun castle defense games I’ve played in a while."
        - Chris Carter, http://toucharcade.com
      • "...its simplicity is endearing and makes the time pass quickly. With plenty of levels on offer and no in-app purchases in sight, Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild should keep many a tower defense fan happy for a while to come..."
        - Jennifer Allen, http://148Apps.com
      • "Many side-scrolling castle defense games of this type tend to be a repetitive bore, but happily, Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild makes for some fun action. The skills and upgrades are probably the best part of Lumberwhack. Tower defense fans should certainly give this a try."
        - Gwen Phua, http://ifanzine.com
      • "Lumberwhack got me playing for more than an hour straight, because it gave me a new dimension to this genre. Instead of getting the resources and simply upgrading and choosing which unit to send out, you are actually a unit yourself. And if you die, game over."
        - Indie Sniffer, http://www.indiesniffer.com
      • "This is tower-defense gaming evolved: incorporating features of other titles in the genre and refining them into something addictively pure. Whether you enjoy the graphics, collecting all the animals, or competing for best score on Survival mode, there’s something for the casual and veterans of the genre here."
        - Christopher Brimmer, http://noobsource.com

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