Check out this game play video of Zombie Corps. An zombie apocalypse tower defense action game made by ZQGame Inc which actually reminds more of a side-scrolling castle defense game. If you have tried it, please share your comment!

A zombie apocalypse has been unleashed upon the earth. Led by General Koch and his mutating zombie army, humans are on the fast train to extinction. This is the end for humans…or is it?
The UN has sanctioned elite Merc units, the Zombie Corps, to stop the undead hordes and take back the planet for humanity.

Game Features
• Massive Story – Fight through hours of intense combat to retake international strongholds from the zombies.
• Zombie Army – Play god and give birth to your own army of Zombies to do your bidding, Hey, it’s all fair in love and war right?
• Multiplayer Mayhem – Sure your outfit can pulverize Zeds in outrageous fashion, but can you beat your fellow Mercs in friendly (but deadly) PvP?
• Diabolical Devices – select and upgrade an arsenal of devices to protect your base from zed hordes.
• Welcome to the Gun Show! With more guns to use beyond the human imagination, shredding through zombie flesh never gets old.
• Did we mention guns!? Gather randomly dropped pieces to assemble the ultimate firearm and earn some real style points.

ENLIST NOW and let’s put the ‘dead’ into undead!